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voyage à oxford

lundi 8 juin 2015, par vie scolaire lycée

School trip to Oxford, our best memories…

“My best memory is the discovery of Anne Hattaway’s garden where we took a lot of photos.” D.

“I loved Elise’s Italian song when we were punting “E la mattina, della montagna….♫”” C.

“My best memory was when Mo (ou mummy ) called Marine Marianne and she finally remembers this name” E.

“When our host mother woke us up at 7 a.m. smoking a cigarette… no my best memory was staying in Oxford city centre with my friends during free time”. L.

“ My best moment in England is first day when we discovered Oxford University’ E.

“My best memory is the visit of the Black Country Museum”

“My best moment of this journey was Maëlle when we’ve made punting on the Thames” M.

“My best memory is first day when we have visited Oxford University” B.

“My best memory s when I have met the family and when I did punting the first day” D.

“My best memory is the last day at London, it was wonderful !!!” P.

My best memory of this trip is the first day in the boats. But all the other times were great. Thank you.” M.

“My best memory is when I ate a big donuts in Oxford” E.

“My best memory is the visit of the Black Country. Thank you”. M.

“My best memory is when Elise sang in Italian when we were punting ” A.

“When Mme A nearly fell in the water during the punting”

“When we screamed in the mine of Black Country” “ The mine, it was funny and scary”

“My memory was London because it was a dream since I was younger”

“My best memory is London city because it’s a beautiful city with famous monuments and symbolic for me because it was a dream.”

“My favourite moment was London city because it’s a beautiful city. I loved it ”

“My favourite memory is the punting because it’s fun ”

“My best memory is the punting with Mrs T and my friends. It was cool, I loved this ” “a beautiful cityscape”

“It’s the boat on the Thames” “an amazing moment”

“My best moment was the visit of Harry Potter’s home because it was interesting. And walking in London. ”


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